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The Marine Series, CM-TEC / CM-Tech Watercraft & Jet Ski

The Garry Dean's Marine Series is safe to use for jet ski, Sea-Doo and with Thermoformed Acrylic Finish Technology (CM-TEC) (others reference it as CM-Tech ). The Marine Series Soap produces thick, luxurious suds that will not strip your protection. This PH neutral shampoo will pamper your vessel and does not contain harsh chemicals. This is not an abrasive cleaner and safe to use on acrylic finishes. It will not strip your wax or sealant and rinses away easily.

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The Garry Dean's Marine Series Intro

Garry Dean Detail Juice Marine Series offer a full line of products to take care of your boat, jet ski, Thermoformed Acrylic Finish Technology (CM-TEC) and other types of watercraft with or without CM-TEC finishes.

About CM-TEC

Sea-Doo released a notice dated April 16th, 2018 to owners of Sea-Doo watercraft built using an advanced new thermoformed acrylic finish technology known as CM-TEC aka CM-Tech. The following models have the CM-TEC layer are: 2017 GTR-X, GTI (900 ACE), GTS, RXP-X & Wake 155 – decks only 2018 GTI, GTS, GTR, RXP-X – decks only 2018 GTX, RXT, Wake – hull & decks.

As with many other high-end paint finishes in the marine market, the care and maintenance of your watercraft is very important to help maintain a beautiful finish for years to come.


Wash your watercraft with a solution of mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water. Use a clean soft cloth, applying only light pressure. Rinse with clean water and dry with a damp cloth or chamois.


Protect and maintain its surface gloss by occasionally polishing with a good acrylic-safe cleaner and polish. Apply a thin, even coat with a soft clean cloth and polish lightly with cotton flannel.

When using new products, it is good practice to test the product on a hidden surface area.


Certain abrasive cleaners and solutions are not formulated to be compatible with the acrylic finish on your watercraft and therefore, we recommend avoiding the use of the following products as they can scratch and even weaken the surface causing small surface damage called “crazing.”

Do NOT use cleaners such as:

• BRP HD Cleaner and Degreaser (P/N 293110001)
• Acetone or other ketones
• Alcohol
• Toluene or other aromatic solvents
• Chlorinated solvents
• Mineral spirits
• Paint thinners
• Petroleum based products

Our Marine Series is safe to use on CM-TEC and other Thermoformed Acrylic Finishes

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CM-TEC Jet Ski

Sea-Doo Models that have the Thermoformed Acrylic Finish Technology (CM-TEC)

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Garry Dean is a world-renowned professional detailer and has been detailing jet ski, cars, boats and watercrafts for over 20 years. Garry has always been baffled by the complexity of the detailing process. In late 2010, Garry set out to develop one Eco Friendly product that could do everything, from washing your car to dressing your tires. By December 2011, Garry's dream had become a reality when he released Infinite Use Detail Juice (IUDJ) to the public under his personal line of products, Premium Custom Detailing Products. Infinite Use Detail Juice is one product that was specifically designed to replace a whole shelf full of products. Infinite Use Detail Juice is completely VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) FREE. Sales of this fantastic product went crazy, and Garry decided that since the Infinite Use Detail Juice could truly detail your entire vehicle, inside and out, it needed its own identity. So here we have You can also find Garry Dean’s other line of detailing products like the Marine Line, Ceramacrylix Hybrid Line, Force Field Protection System, Garry Dean’s Signature Series and Magnum Motorcycle Juice at

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